goals and goals

the institute of culture , art and communication in order to fulfill the tasks emphasized in its statute as well as the attempt to spread , promote and promote the level of science in the society and , in particular , provide appropriate tools for exchange of cultural information and scientific - research theories on one hand and other research achievements in the country .

the purpose of publication and publication of the quarterly journal of science - communication studies " is as follows :

* recording and publishing results of research in the field of culture , art and communication

promoting the level of research and establishing it in the country ;

contribute to the production and dissemination of science to promote the level of culture , scientific knowledge of specialists , experts , and other interested in various cultural , artistic and communication issues related to society ;

* assisting scholars and solving scientific issues concerning the bottlenecks of cultural , artistic and communication development of the country ;

publication of new findings in the field of cultural , art and communication in order to expand the scope of knowledge .