Journal of Culture-Communication Studies

Document Type : Research Paper




The first step in this research we uses the library method, and finally, using surveys method for comparative study of trends and also how to use Facebook social networking among students of Iran and America. Researchers at the first step research most important databases in the world's and the collecting research, then began coding data collecting. Categorization research showed that most research on Facebook has a population of American students, around three main axes are: That usage of Facebook users, Facebook and measure the impact of student attitudes towards Facebook. Analysis showed that create new relationships, maintaining the old relationships, looking for news, information and entertainment as the main reasons were identified to Facebook. In the second phase of research was found that the tendency for students to factors such as Facebook share news and information, freedom of association, free flow of information in the network, the ability to control personal information and Principles of equality in the network, was identified as reasons the tendency of Iranian Students for using Facebook.