Engineering Business Culture in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper




Culture is one of the most effective factors in presenting individual and mass behavior. Emerging any behavior, speech and thought is meaningful in a culture background and is assessed in the context of that culture. One of the best strategies for creating new behavior is cultural intervention. For spreading ideal behaviors in society, first of all, the ideal culture should be defined. The process
of drawing ideal culture is called “Culture Engineering” and the strategies of achieving ideal culture through means and facilities of other political, economic & social systems is named “Cultural Engineering”. Now the greatest problem of our country is how to achieve the national vision document goals. The target of this document is development in three areas: economy, science & technology. Without creative effort in accompany with taking responsibility, risk and high-achievment of labor force is not possible. The aim of this article is to determine business culture based on national vision document (business culture engineering) in order to train human forces with foresaid characteristics and suggesting possible strategies for achieving to the ideal business culture ( cultural engineering of business). To realize the goal of this research, after studying research sources and referring to experts ideas, the entrepreneurial culture was defined as the ideal business culture inIran. To institutionalize this culture, three social, economic and political strategies were suggested. At the end, some suggestions have been proposed for future studies.