Journal of Culture-Communication Studies

ethics in publishing articles

the author of may considers all the principles of ethics in publishing and publishing . ethics and code of ethics have been defined in the production of scientific products . ~~~ in case of noncompliance , the paper is entitled to any legal action and international legal action . the submission of the article by the writer is to know and follow these rights . the writer and the active people in the publication ( editor of the magazine , members of the editorial board , editors , editors and publishers ) should accept the code and moral charter of the publication and agree on it . ethical codes are the guide of authors and active agents in the publication .

authors ' duties

scientific and standard articles : authors prepare articles in a scientific and coherent manner according to the standard of publications . the method used in this paper is done with objective and objective and the data are reported correctly . copyright © 2008 atmia all rights reserved www . to express sensitive and immoral issues , personal and personal taste , racial and religious and false and false information and translation of the works of others without mentioning the title in the article .

providing raw data when required : the author is asked to present and introduce interviews or questionnaires and other instruments used in the study if necessary . public access to this information ( adapted with stm - stm ) helps improve the work of the papers .

originality of the paper is presented : the articles presented by the authors of may must be the author 's own work and any use of other individuals ' research should be included in the paper .

simultaneous publishing of an article or article is accepted and published : a simultaneous presentation of an article is published in several publications or articles published or published in other publications .

it is worth mentioning that referring to all books , publications and online databases and other people 's researches are in place .

mentioning the person responsible and colleagues in the paper and accuracy in the absence of unrelated names

the person in charge of the article is someone who plays a major role in preparing , preparing , designing and implementing the article and other authors would be mentioned as the authors in the article and the main author of this article is to ensure the existence of the names and information of all authors and the absence of a name other than the authors . the authors also studied and agreed with the presentation of the article .

any hazards resulting from the study of any author , human or other creatures , should be clearly stated in the article ;

mentioning financial supports ;

the authors shall present all the financial support of their article ;

* announcing the existence of major errors in the papers

he / she / she / she / she / she / she / / / / / / / / / / /

confirm submitting the article

submitting an article to the system indicates that the writer acknowledges that the article is not published in any other reference ( except part of the end of the letter or abstract in academic institutions ) . also all of the manuscripts of printing and their position in the article are informed and informed . the submitting of this paper also means that the institution of financial support and / or the research site has expressed satisfaction with the publication of the research to the responsible author . the author also undertakes that during the review process or acceptance of the article , this article or article with similar results in fars or english or any other language is not transmitted to any other diffusion reference . otherwise , the publication preserves any rights of the complaint . the author of this research should be committed to do not place any information or data or data without presenting and mentioning the source in the article . ~~~ in the case of the mentioned resources , legal permission is accepted .

copy of wright

when the paper is accepted in the paper , the authors are asked to fill out the publication agreement form and submit to the editor . the text file of the agreement includes the right to copy and copy the paper . accepting the conditions of this letter will contribute to the dissemination of information .

submissions must be specialized in the journal specialized and research work of authors or authors .

in addition to the topic of paper in the field of publication , articles or part of it should not be in any journal in or out of the country as well . articles presented in summary articles in the congress , symposium , internal and external seminars published and published can be presented in the form of a full article .

the paper is free to accept or accept , edit , summarize or amend the received articles .

editing and summarizing content is done by authors and the responsibility of the content validity of the articles is to the authors . the writer is responsible for the correspondence .

the principle of the rejected or dropped articles will be removed from the archives of the paper after six months and the publication will not have any information about it .

when using others , the source is referred to the full information number and information .

the submissions should not be published in any other publication , so the completion of an article by the author to not submitting a paper to other publications in order to print or arbitrage is required when registering the name and submitting the paper .

the paper is written until publication as a loan to the journal .

release and printing decisions

copyright laws and adaptation from other literary works are respected by the publication and the right of individuals to be protected .

fair decision - making about articles

decision making will be made at any stage regardless of ethnicity , gender , sexual orientation , religious , ethnic , citizenship , or political philosophy of authors .

information confidentiality

personal information of the authors of the articles for all those who have access to it , such as editors , editorial staff members , and other active agents ( excluding the relevant author ) , such as judges , consultants , editors , and publisher , are highly confidential and protected at any time .