Cultural Engineering, the Necessity for Excellence of Islamic Society

Document Type : Research Paper




The goal of Islamic society and system is material and spiritual excellence of individuals in Islamic Ummah (people). In such a system, excellence of human is essential, not more enjoying material pleasures  ( which is the dominant aspect of current market-based world). To provide this goal, cultural, economic,   political & social systems of the country are organized based on Islamic values in order to prevent negative effects on the society culture and deepen the Islamic value in the society to achieve the national cultural vision too. This active approach lies against reactive approach which in the social, economic & political systems-  regardless to ideal cultural vision- are assessed to decrease the negative effects. In this article , the excellence paradigm (culture-oriented) has been described as an alternative to development paradigm (economy- oriented) – which is the dominant paradigm in the world- and cultural engineering in different levels is discussed as the macro planning framework of this excellence making system.