An Analysis on the Current Situation of the Country Cultural Institutions according to the Concept & the Foundations of Cultural Engineering

Document Type : Research Paper




The culture issue according to the nature of  Islamic revolution , late Imam Khomeyni statements, Supreme Leader concerns and culture dimensions & elements is highly sensitive and important for the country`s future. Thus the culture, cultural organizations and recently cultural engineering have been focused in different studies and researches. On the other hand we can say cultural organizations and institutions are the most affective factors on the growth or recession of the society culture. Meanwhile the role of cultural forces and content should not be neglected, because the cultural organization or institution can actually direct the culture by identifying, planning and using the country cultural ability (whether software or hardware). In a systematic and effective way and in a productive interaction with other parts of  the society (such as economic and political systems). This article is a brief of the authors research plan in the ”Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution” on studying the current situation of  Iranian cultural organizations. The article aims to have a pathology with a foresight glance on the way of organizing these organizations (regardless to their performance). In fact, the current situation has been reviewed and analyzed by considering the function of these organizations.