Method of Describing the Country Cultural Engineering Map

Document Type : Research Paper




the culture engineering is focusing on accurately and analyzing the system of  believes and logical relation between it`s components , while the country cultural engineering means the unifying and purposeful redesigning the engineered cultural system as a single and concrete system and by exerting authorities of the country`s cultural strategic management in order to realize  current structures of the country are directed and driven to the target culture and produce expected functions. Describing the country cultural engineering map involves using a special methodology which in a set of analysis skills and tools & system designing to be used in the framework of modeling based on a conceptual model for organizing the trend of systems development in a systematic way. The dominant approach in formulating the relation between bodies and determining the function of each body will be achieved by using structural models and through national division of tasks between different organizations. Thus, in this article the static structure of describing main activities of the country cultural engineering map has been selected and introduced. Based on this model, the model of basic activities for drawing the country cultural engineering map includes three core activities: 1-        To identify, research and define the nature of culture 2-        To describe and explain the nature of culture 3-        To propogate and institutionalize the nature of the culture These activities are in the core of the model and other activities are organized around them and finally the environmental interactions system in the country cultural engineering map is described