A Study on Sociological Analysis and Conceptual Describing Cultural Annex

Document Type : Research Paper




Cultural Annex is a new concept which has been raised by Supreme Leader following other strategic words such as “ Culture Engineering”&” Cultural Engineering” two years ago. This issue has been focused by major policy maker organizations, many researchers and research & scientific centers. The common aspect of different impressions on cultural annex is focus on It`s operational dimension and effect on the country cultural management. The core question is: how much does the cultural annex implementation transform the public culture of the Islamic country? The cultural annex as an efficient tool, connects the strategic management to executive management of the country based on culture and every layers economic, cultural & political dimensions of the country will not be implemented without cultural annex. In this article, by stressing on Supreme Leader statements and considering
the necessities of social developments based on Islamic culture the necessity and nature of the cultural annex has been described. The analysis of cultural annex from a sociological viewpoint, in one hand, and describing the conceptual model of cultural annex, in other hand, as the “Why” & “what” dimensions of this annex, are the core issues in this article